There are four reasons why travelers spend extra time on holiday

As the days are already marked, we have to adjust these days.
For travelers, it is important to note that things are becoming more expensive on Thingyan days. But there are other reasons why you pay more than others.

(1) Late arrangements

Everything is expensive when it comes to planning a Thingyan holiday. When booking a hotel, it is expensive. You will not be able to get a car ticket because you can no longer get a ticket. Travel companies’ travel plans are also expensive. Although Thingyan is a bit more expensive than usual, it is usually more expensive than the late arrangement.

(2) No compromise

This is a planned trip. The date is the same without the change. As the days are already marked, we have to adjust these days. It is not easy to change. But the vacation is a long day, and it is usually planned after Thingyan. It will be easier for you to combine the two holidays with the additional two days.

(3) No study

There is no advance in your journey. Road conditions; Food There is no advance study on living conditions. You have to learn even more so that it is a Thingyan.

(4) Unexpected use

Extra time on the trip. This is not just during Thingyan holidays but also on other holiday trips. In Thingyan, your budget will be significantly affected, as if spending too much is costly.


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