Real millionaire would be

One day an old man was walking on the bank of the river. The old man met a young man who was sitting on the bank of the river. The young man moaned. The whole surface was as damp as rain.
The old man asked. The old man carefully asked the young man, “Hey, what’s wrong with you?” The young man looked at the old man, sighed, and said.

“When I was poor, he was poor enough to call his father. There is no house to live in. Wife is a long way off. No job, no income, no income. When you are hungry and thirsty, There are countless days of sleeping in the stomach. Grandpa, could there be a smile on that person’s face? ”

So the old man smiled and said, “You’re crazy! Of course, you should not be bored like that. Because you’re still a millionaire, “he said.” Young man was surprised by the old saying. I couldn’t understand the old saying! ”

“Cool! You are still a millionaire so far, don’t you know? ” So the young man asked, “Well, millionaire? “Do you lie to a poor boy like me?” Now, please, let me ask you a few questions, six or six questions. ”

“What questions? Ask … I’ll tell you the truth. ”Grandpa started his question. “I will buy your youthful fortune and buy two hundred thousand dollars. You would be older than me. Would you agree to sell? “The young man shook his head. I don’t agree. ”

“Then I will pay another two hundred thousand dollars. Try to sell me your health, Would you agree? ”“ No, I can’t agree! I am not the one who wants to even suffer a common illness. ”

“Then I’ll give you another two hundred thousand. I’ll buy your lovely face. If you look at me with a frowning look, it will be bad. Agree! ”The young man said,“ That’s impossible. I can never agree! How can I endure my old manhood? ”

“Well, then that would add another 200,000. I want to buy fresh memories from your head. The old man was angry and said, “This is for sale!”
“Stay for a moment!” Finally, answer the question. I’ll give you another two hundred thousand. You must kill your people. The houses were set on fire. It means buying your good heart. “How much do you agree?”

So the young man angrily replied, “God … God, do this kind of evil work!” So the old man smiled and explained. “Yes, that’s fine. Earlier, I bought you for $ 100,000 and bought nothing but nothing in your body. Think about it. Aren’t you a millionaire? If not, what? Just ask.

After hearing the old man, the young man suddenly came to his senses. He thanked the old man for giving him some advice and immediately sat down and left. The old man smiled confidently. The old man believed that the young man would never tire of it, and would smile and be on the lookout for new ways to improve his life.

In fact, the true value of life is not wealth. You do not need to be discouraged at a young age to be full of energy. What it means to be successful is 60%; Contribution is 20%; The odds are only about 20%. If the 20% support is not available, you must complete the attempt by 80%. What about support? If not luck and why not, we can’t 100% work! We have a lot of limbs. They belong to a healthy body. There is also wisdom that deserves it. There is a desire to do it. With full confidence, I feel like a job is only halfway done before it’s done.

So why can’t we fulfill our dreams? We must face life without fear of despair. I think we should never stop trying. In fact, health cannot be bought with money. Only youth and wisdom come to life. We should bear in mind the real value you really need. May we all live together in the will.


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