Here are seven benefits of Myanma Thanakha

“Everyone has applied Thanakha,” he said. But here are seven health benefits of Thanakha that not everyone knows.

Thanakha is a thriving plant in tropical Myanmar. Shwebo Thanakha Shinma Taung Thanakha etc. are very famous and popular among young Burmese women. Just apply the root on the cheeks and other parts of the body to have a soft and smooth skin.

That is why it is exported to foreign countries and is a takeaway gift for tourists coming to Myanmar. Thanakha beautifies the skin and has other health benefits.

Here are seven benefits of Thanakha.

(1) It heals sunburn / scars / spots. Thanakha is a cosmetic with no side effects. Due to the ingredients in Thanakha, in addition to sunburn, scars / acne scars can be cured in a short time.

(2) It cools the skin. Thanakha is a very suitable medicinal plant for summer. Skin burns; Enlarged pores; It also heals relationships.

(3) It can prevent skin cancer. Applying Thanakha to prevent skin diseases can be prevented by fungal infections of the skin.

(4) Running, Left it cures dandruff and so on. The ingredients in Thanakha can effectively kill the bacteria that attach to the skin. So run. Left it is especially effective in treating dandruff.

(5) It makes you look younger. Regular application of Thanakha can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Protects skin cells from damage and rejuvenates.

(6) Thanakha, a medicine that is free from all diseases. When we were young, our mother used to apply Thanakha and put the remaining Thanakha in her mouth. It is known as an ancient royal medicine and is used to treat stomach aches and pains. Stomach ache Dizziness Oh my gosh. In addition to being sick, Joint pain Headaches can be prevented.

(7) Body beauty training. When Burmese women bleed Thanakha, they balance their waist and bleed. This is a workout routine that will help you relax your arm muscles. It also provides natural exercise for softness. It is comfortable and requires very little effort, but it makes the body slim and beautiful.

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