Ho Chi Minh, National Leader of Vietnam and PhD in Yangon University

Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh visited Burma in 1958. During his visit to Burma, he received an honorary doctorate from Rangoon University. Three photos of his trip to Burma have been posted online.

Myanmar and Vietnam are friendly countries. Vietnam gained independence from France in 1954. The first foreign leader to visit Vietnam after independence was Indian Prime Minister Nehru. The second was Burmese Prime Minister U Nu.

As shown in the picture (battle, hat and Ho Chi Minh)

I read that the Vietnamese affectionately call their national leader Ho Chi Minh Uncle Ho. There are at least four Burmese writers who have written books about Uncle Ho, and Burmese readers are close to him. One of the unique features is living like a civilian. If you search online, you will find pictures of him chopping wood, fetching water, and fishing.

As mentioned above, Yangon University also awarded an honorary doctorate. At that time, Yangon University was one of the top universities in Southeast Asia, so it can be said that it was an honor for both the recipient and the recipient.

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