Actor Nay Min said open relationships with actor Aye Myat Thu

Nay Min is very much a friend of Aye Myat Thu, who is very open and friendly with a bright smile and a gentle smile on her cheeks. The two of them are very close friends, but they are really close friends who love the art.

Recently, with a beautiful picture taken by Nay Min, he said, “Good friend! But not a lover. You care me. But I’m not a family member. It gives you a hug. But not life partners. It helps you. But not my relatives. He is a good friend. A good friend will treat you like a father. As a mother, she will take care of her. He will start as an older brother. She will comfort you as a sister. He will consult you as a brother. Like a sister
I will partner with you.

And you will understand more than you love. If a friend of ten books is a friend, a good friend is a library. He will tell the audience openly about the friendship and the extent of his friendship with the text. Just share a picture of two friends who are very much in love.


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