An American naval hospital ship to New York

USNS Comfort is a US Navy Mercy type hospital ship. It was completed in 1976 and was originally an oil tanker and the original name was SS Rose City. The ship, which was enlisted in the navy in 1987, was the largest naval war in the Persian Gulf. Events such as the Hurricane Maria, including the Iraq War, played a major role in the rescue.

The ship is 894 feet long; It is 106 feet long and weighs 70470 tons. 1000 beds The ship, a 12-room hospital ship, has now landed at New York Harbor on March 30 to help patients with the ongoing Coronavirus infection.

The main mission of the ship is to treat only those who have not been infected with the coronavirus. Because the hospitals in New York are responsible for caring for other illnesses that are mainly treating the coronavirus patients. Since the hospital has infected patients with the coronavirus, the navy has been helping the virus to prevent the spread of the virus.

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