World’s biggest car company to shut down European plants due to Corona

Volkswagen, the world’s largest carmaker, is preparing to halt car production due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak in Europe.

The German car company is based in Spain. Car manufacturers in Portugal and Slovenia announced Friday that car production will be halted this week. In addition, it will put an end to the famed Lunar Guinea Motor Show and the Ducati motorcycle factory.

Volkswagen’s CEO Herbert Diess said Tuesday that other car plants across Germany and Europe will stop production within two weeks. He said production was difficult on sales due to worsening conditions for the Coronavirus in Europe and production of the equipment needed to stop production.

Although the Vergonson is mostly known as a German car, it is actually the most popular cars and motorcycles such as the Audi, the Audi Ducati Bentley, Bugatti Lamborghini The Porsche is just under the Volkswagen Group. By 2019, the Wagon was able to sell about 10.8 million vehicles worldwide.

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