Sam has done a little challenge at home with the charity

The actor’s art work as well as the mine itself in religion led the group smaller measures also an artist. Mines that often less hesitant to charities and religious actor’s medium, was shot in the ongoing worldwide virus epidemic own smaller house to get prime From a Challenge Working alteration.

“Mom called back the Challenge, which she called her. It became a vow to stay home for 84,000 ha. You must complete 84,000 ha in 7 days from today. You need to upload the Screenshot. Let’s come to the same conclusion. ” “It’s a good thing,” said Sammill, on his social network page.

In her home, she continued to challenge her charitable cause, saying, “Invite friends to the monk’s prayer festival,” and urged fans to celebrate 84,000 full-time Sundays. Tell me the challenge!

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