Successful Oyster Farming After a Year of Testing at Kyaukphyt and Gwa

It has been successfully tested by farmers without any food costs in Oyster. In 2021, in Kyaukphyu and Gwa Townships in Rakhine State, the experiment was carried out for one year until this year.

“We urge the local farmers to continue farming because it has been successful,” he said. We are mainly exporting the main products to the Yangon market,” said an official from the Rakhine State Fisheries Department.

It focuses on fisheries in Rakhine State and distributes to other states through Yangon market. Currently, there is an increase in the purchase of crabs from Rakhine State in the Yangon market, but it is not possible to export enough crabs from Rakhine State to the market.

There is a sale of turtles and oysters for sale. The price per oyster is between 900 and 1,500. At present, Rakhine turtles are only sold locally and cannot be exported.

Most oyster species are caught in these mangrove forests Food through water. It can be raised where oxygen and light are available. The one and a half inch tall scorpion can be raised on a bamboo mat with concrete blocks attached to ropes.

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