Nyo Min Lwin called the Challenge and all the fans together

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus virus is urging them to stay at home as much as possible to control the virus throughout the world. It’s a lot of work, and it’s time to find some fun while you’re at home. People in the public role models are doing a variety of shows on social media, even if they want to relieve their fans a little at home.

Facebook Live Chat I love singing and singing. Rap Challenge In addition to the Tik Tok Challenge, there are also many Meditation Challenges to earn a living at home. Today, director Nyo Min Lwin challenges Nyaung Oo and all with a simple and easy challenge. “From everyone’s to the big.

Think back and forth from the big to the big. It’s free, no fees, no money. If you have the courage to read this, take a video and post it. The longest person I can ever say I never go back. I’m going to give you a gift to read the book during the Stay Home. ”

Nyo Min Lwin himself has been singing for 12 songs. Hopefully this is a very easy and really difficult challenge, so wait for Thawin to accept his challenge. Interested fans will also be able to share the challenge with the book and win the challenge if you win the challenge.

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