What to do in Ngapali beach Myanmar?

What do you think can be done on Ngapali Beach, one of Myanmar’s most beautiful beaches? There is so much to do. It offers a complete list of beach vacations as well as other things to do.

1. Sail in the sea

If there are any people who are dreaming of hopping on a boat in the sea, you can do it in Ngapali. It is best to leave at 8 o’clock in the morning, even though the boat is coordinated.

2. Go to Pearl Island to snorkeling

I want to dive into the sea and see coral reefs. Ngapali is also a great choice if you want to take a dip and dive.

3. Visit the elephant camp

You can take a boat ride from Tile Seik Village, which is about 20 minutes from Ngapali. The elephant camp is located on the side of a creek and can be washed or bathed. You can ride on elephants for 20 minutes.

4. Visit fishing villages

You can also visit Rakhine fishing villages. The livelihood of fishermen; It is a must-see for the day-to-day experiences that are rare in the world.

5. Fireworks

You can fly a balloon in Ngapali as if it were flying in Pagan. The Arakanese people are moving around the country. The beauty of the Bay of Bengal The Kishpanindi River; Enjoy the scenery of the beaches and beaches.


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