Biography of Myo Ma Nyein

25.1.1909, Father U Shwe Htwe, the master of goldsmiths; Daw Chit Oo Merchants was born in the town of 28th Street (between 80th and 81st streets). His name is Maung Kyaw Nyunt, and was educated at the Mae Tao Central National School. Since he was ten years old, he had been able to pick up the song “Zambia Island” from day-to-day play by master musician Dave Maung Maung Maung. He is a close neighbor to the village of Sein Benda. Mahlon, He played with the harp and the harp.

When he realized the talent of Maung Kyaw Nyunt, his grandfather, who lived in the front yard, also handed over to master painter U Ba Thet, Music was systematically studied. While studying music with U Ba Thet, Western music teachers such as Sandra Mistari goals; I don’t know what it is. Musician Martin I learned a great deal about international musical symbolism from the Mitsubishi Club.

He also played western instruments in the “Beatrice’s” band “The Beatles.” In 1925, U Ba Thet arrived in Myanmar. The sword is holy; Oh, oh my god! The Buddhist amusement club was formed with the Buddhist monks, Ko Ko Ngwe, Ko Dan, Ko Mya Thein, and some of the necessary instruments and money were provided by the owner of the stall.

Since 1928, he has been teaching Western folk art with the sword in Thaketa, the same year he married Mahanti Manu, a school teacher from Manila, with Than Than May, a composer of two songs, “Kang Nyaung Nyo” and “One Hour”. It’s a city! ” From the 1930s to the 1930s, the great music of the great Western music was performed. He led the city’s orchestra to lead the orchestra with Western musical symbols. “Thai Myaing” He began to play the string instruments with Western symbols.

In 1935, the dog brand company, Love and Puppet Company; Your dream, The Shwemaw (Young Sheep) recordings were recorded. It was a great day. Next, “Mandela”; “Two and a half hundred” “Seed”; Songs such as “cauliflower” were included in the orchestration and recordings. Guru Thirteen It is not the case. Can forget Life Shwe Min Woo and the variety of naira songs were also released as discs before the war.

When the War of Independence Claimed in 1939, when the British government issued Article 23 (7) on the market at a tide, the 12 cheap boycotts boycotted and celebrated the opening of a temporary market in the palace complex and composed the song “House Market”. Amarapura, throughout Japan. Min Thar Phyu Creek Maymyo He took refuge in the Kyaukme and Sagaing mountains, singing as a bathtub and singing “Blue ashes, foggy, misty.” . . ”The first song was composed.

After the Allies took possession of Mahatma, they wrote the “Three” songs while they were sitting in the monastery of the monk and returned to the monastery. A host of hymns were also written for the Downtown Orchestra.

Returning to Manila after the war, on December 29, 1945, the Youth Youth League, organized by the City Hall of Folk You know how to do it? Wrote plays. In 1947, the song “Shwe Mann Taung” played a song for a traditional mansion for the traditional Thingyan Thingyan. The song is “Peace and Peace”. In 1952, he composed the song “The Good Man” for the Pyithu conference in Yangon and in 1953 the song “World Peace” for the Peace Conference.

In 1954, he worked as a musician at the film company Company Limited and played a few short films with musical picture shorts. A gold pipe He invented the melody, the melody, and the house music. All the efforts made for the mastermind, not just the composer of music, but the purpose of trying to get to the point of the mastermind, were a tiger, rather than a force. Disappointment became even more severe. September 15, On Thursday, the 13th of November, the day was the end of life on the west side of the road, and the end of life on the West Bank Road. Nirvana was in the water. His beautiful song, his music, is still young.


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