Myo Ko Lin, who wants to have a mother for her partner,

He also mentioned the attitude of Lin Zarni Zaw. Myo Lin Ko Ko says she wants her to have a partner. Myint Lin Ko Ko, the only daughter of actress Lin Zarni Zaw, is now back in Burma. In an interview, she said she wanted to find out because she was working alone.

“If her mother had been living alone for a long time, it would have been better for her to marry again. Meu Lin wants Mum to marry again. My mom was very strong. She is not as strong as she can be. ” Lin Zin Zaw Zaw responded on March 21 at the introduction of the “Shwe Sense Series”.

Even when he was still young, he was jealous of his sister, even though he had to remarry. Just love him! Now that he has grown up, he still has no idea if he will have pity on his mother. He did not dare to follow his every word. ”

Lin Zin Naw Zaw interviewed in interviews interviewed that he would support her if she was a hobby. Actress Lin Zarni Zaw is a single mother who is raising a daughter. She also runs her own business, despite the lack of filming.

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