Two viruses have been identified in Maldives, four on the island

Maldives (Maldives) is an island nation located in South Asia. The virus was detected on Saturday, March 7, when the virus was detected in a separate country about 620 miles from the mainland.

Following the discovery, two resorts were closed to control the spread of the disease. Two infected people were Italian tourists and were returned to Italy after being diagnosed.

“Two travelers have been diagnosed with the virus at a resort. Ali Waheed, Minister of Hotels and Tourism of the country, said the hotel is private and is monitoring the situation.

At the press conference on Saturday, “two French nationals have been identified as being suspected of having the virus,” an official at the Maldives Health and Protection Department said.

The findings were closed until Kuredu Island resort and Summer Island resort in Maldives were closed until a sufficient investigation was made, a health official added.

But it is still difficult to close immediately because of the large number of tourists at the resort.

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