It is lovely to know that even ten Nyaung-Ny were experiencing the hallmarks of the vow

We saw the image of Father Father Soe, and it is interesting to note that he experienced significant differences when he was practicing religion. The singer is adamant that the benefits that come from paying close attention to God are significant. In an interview, she also answered that she had even made 10 resolutions on the ten-night pledge.

“Warm-up does something when it comes to thinking. On the first day of the vows, the father of Soe Soe relates. He carefully studied the voodoo tree. They also explain live broadcasts on Facebook. In the picture of the warming eight-year-old plant, the father-in-law appears in a photo of his father during a warm-up session.

When asked to the monk, he said, “This is the father of the father. This confidence is very strong.

Many ten artists have also made a vow of commitment. The lovely singer also shared her experience and unique experiences: “Warm-up does this to make it work. How happy I am now to pray, It’s full right now.

The specialty of Father Soe Soe is fast when praying. What is the Buddha? In any case, he is powerful and powerful. Prayer cannot be greedy. Really, grammar. The only thing we can do is pray. ”

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