How about Famous Kamauk Mountain

The famous kayak hut is a popular spot for tourists.

This time, the place where you want to go is to go to Hokkol, which is one of the five most famous places in Colin Township.

If you drive from Colin to the west by motorbike for about 20 minutes, you will reach Hock Mountain. The festival is usually held around the full moon (around 10 March). The festival is usually held for five days and the last day is a feast. The name of the mountain is the name of the mountain.

These names are Helmet mount, U Kyaw mountain5, Dark Dragon mountain.

Every year, the festival usually features famous celebrities. Shan people from the upper Moe Moe Gyi Pagoda will also attend the festival. The last day of the festival is the most popular.

If you have ever been to a Buddhist temple in Myanmar, then you would like to visit the Buddha’s Pagoda on the hill of the mountain.


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