Foods that should not be combined with quail eggs

People who don’t know quail are rare. However, it is rare for a person to know how many nutrients are in the egg. Did you know that the nutritional value of eggs is equal to two eggs? The quail strengthens the lungs and molars.

Those who should eat quail are children, children and children. The elderly; People with anemia She was a good-nature baby and a newborn baby. People with cerebral blood should not eat large amounts of quail.

Eggs are rich in protein, fat, iron and lecithin. vitamin-A; vitamin-B1, B2, calcium, firewood Sodium, Magnesium, Clementine Kantu (selenium). It contains enough iron and cholesterol.

It is important to keep fresh from buying quail. Weakness, fatigue. Be careful not to buy long-boiled quail eggs. Buy the quail and store in the refrigerator. If left over from lunch time, throw out the egg shells, and eat three to five servings a day.

The vitamin-B in the egg helps to treat diabetes. It can also treat inflammation and inflammation of the intestine. Eggs contain high levels of fat and cholesterol, which helps maintain a healthy weight and reduce blood pressure and maintain good blood vessels. Blood vessels The blood clot prevents clotting.

It is also a supplement to cardiovascular disease. The cinnamon recipe contains three or four times more eggs than it does in eggs. Pregnant women should eat large amounts of quail eggs because they are strong for babies and babies.

1. If you eat quail and milk, you have low blood pressure. He had a weak body. It is beneficial for a person with a weak stomach.

2. Eating salted egg will cause hypertension. Then it strengthens the liver and kidneys.

3. If you eat chives with Chinese onion, you have a poor kidney. Pain It helps to restore the natural beauty of the body. It can gradually clear up those who are suffering from weak lungs and long-standing coughs.

However, the quail should not be eaten with oranges. If you do eat it, you may experience diarrhea, constipation, and even death. It causes diarrhea and indigestion. You should not eat quail eggs with your liver. If eaten, it can cause hemorrhoids and black marks.


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