The First Door to Door Mobile Oil Change Service in Myanmar

The First Door to Door Mobile Oil Change Service in Myanmar..

Mobile Oil Change Services Launched Still going to the workshop to replace engine oil, oil filter, air filter, aircon filter? From 2022, there will be no need to go to the workshop. Just do Hello. Mobile Workshop will be conducted door to door.

We will do it face to face with confidence only in our place of residence. Free check-ups during engine oil change Check the underside of the car Coolant Power Check Check the quality of the brake fluid Basic tests will also be performed.

Customers who purchase 4 liters of engine oil and oil filters will also receive a free oil change, as Castrol products will be included.

If you use other products, the oil change fee will be 10,000 kyats. For an appointment, you can call the mobile team. It ”s more than just oil. It’s liquid engineering.

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