The company of Ilmax, a company that will provide respirators to hospitals for free

The billionaire electric car maker, Ilan Marcos, will donate respirators to various hospitals in the transit region. “These devices are machines approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA),” said Chief Executive Euler Marcos.

We have an additional FDA-approved respirator and respirator. These will be taken to hospitals within the Taste shipping area. Instead of storing them in a warehouse, they will be helping to transport patients in need. “If you can, I can contact you directly or directly with the Tesla company,” says Mark.

But how do you fulfill the requirements? Mark did not say what kind of heart he would donate to the heart. Marker said the respirators were repurchased, not the Tesla product, and last week more than 1,200 ambulances were sent to hospitals in Los Angeles and New York.

The respirators are a vital component in the coronary care of patients suffering from coronary heart disease. Large industrial and electronic companies have been asked to assist in the production of respiratory aids.

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