Buddha Tombs for more than 2,000 years

The Karla Caves are LalaAVALA (LONAVALA) in the western Indian state of Maharashtra. 12 km northeast Located near the village of VIHIRGAON, which is located on the Mumbai-Pinyin highway. The nearest station is located 5km south of the site. MALAVALI Station.

To reach the flat plain where the caves are located, there must be about 800 steps from the village of Wanhargan. Outside the tomb, there is a temple of Hindu goddess EKVIRA (EKVIRA).

The caves were built from the 2nd century BC and lasted for almost 700 years until the 5th century. Experts estimate that the earliest caves have been in existence since 160 BC. The caves are located near the main trade route from the Arabian Sea to the Deccan region, which were built by merchants and Satavahana dynasties.

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