U Aung Yin, who has been doing self-care quarantine for 12 days at home, is recovering well

The country singer Aung Yin COVID-19 have been infected experience symptoms of the disease (12), at home, to self quarantine health situation is good about coming back, “Hello, Travis Travis would do good aerated friends Covid 19 doctors in England are infected show signs say these are signs, but the home Test to avoid killing Positive Negative I’ll know.

There is only one person who has been hospitalized here. I have to accept the hospital only if the patient is having difficulty breathing. “I want to tell you to not be too scared to see the elf quarantine and be careful not to be afraid. Just take care to be strong. Thank you, Daw Moe, for cooking me too.” Aung Min is recovering from his wife’s feeding of Vitamin C every 12 days at home and taking two capsules of Vitamin C every 12 days for 12 days at home.

Aung Min, who has been suffering from the symptoms of COVID-19, has been recovering for 12 days at home, taking two 4-course capsules and four capsules of Vitamin C every morning for 12 days.

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