Aung Ko Latt talks about the memories of the song “Our Destination”

Director Aung Ko Latt said that the film “Destiny” was composed on the plane returning from Japan to Myanmar.

“This song was written by Fly Away to our destination. It’s just a memory. ‘

“The song was written in April 2018 and was included in the final subtitles when it was scheduled to be filmed,” he said.

“When you paired with a doll, it would be too loose. Japanese filmmaker Kitaro Kanematsu looked at it, “said director Ko Ko Latt.

The song has been featured on Myanmar Idol Season-4 and the judging auditions for Myanmar Idol Season-4 on its Facebook page.

“There are a lot of distractions when lovers fly. Loved ones know it. It is a song that is written for lovers at this age because it is a distraction to the flight of lovers. “Let the lovers fly free in 2020,” said Aung Ko Latt.

The film “Destiny” directed by Aung Ko Latt and Japanese filmmaker Kitaro Kanematsu will be filmed with Donna Nella. At Shunr Shirei, Sombath Mauritius, Yan Aung, Si Thu Maung and Khin Zaw Chi Kyaw play the lead roles.

It took about six years to try “Destiny”. We want to show the Myanmar harp as our instrument in the world. How melodious this melody is! I want to know how hard it is. “The real goal is to show the world the richness of the Myanmar harp,” director Aung Ko Latt said.

“The film is set to begin filming in Myanmar on January 23 and will be shown in Japan and is being negotiated in other countries,” he said.


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